Generate Brand Awareness

Use storytelling to stand out in a cluttered marketplace

Increase Brand Awareness

As a marketer, you spend a lot to break through the noise.

But capturing that initial attention with clicks on ads and social posts doesn't mean people are truly aware of what your brand stands for, and if that aligns with their beliefs & values.

Give people a reason to fall in love with your brand.

Tell your unique brand stories using an immersive digital storytelling platform like STORYSOFT.

Digital Storytelling with STORYSOFT

Brand Storytelling Examples

Increase brand recognition with any of the following types of brand story examples:

  • Origin story: Tell how your company was founded
  • Founder's story: Showcase your founder's journey
  • Brand values story: Share what your brand stands for
  • Brand history story: Explain your brand evolution
  • People story: Spotlight the people behind the brand
Digital Storytelling with STORYSOFT

Brand Awareness Strategy

Get the most out of your brand stories with these tips:

  • Use images, video, & animations to engage audiences
  • Tap into people's emotions with your story content
  • Offer value for completing a CTA: Share this story, Get a $10 coupon
  • Drive traffic to stories through social media, ads, email, or any channel where audiences spend their time
Increase Brand Awareness with Stories
Storytelling report

Measuring Brand Awareness

Measure storytelling effectiveness using built-in analytics:

  • Overview report: Understand top level story metrics
  • Retention report: Determine where people drop off
  • CTA report: See how many people take action
  • Campaigns report: View top performing channels

Learn more about STORYSOFT analytics.

Storytelling report

Every Brand Has Stories.  Tell Yours.