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Strong brands command customer attention

In a global marketplace where everything has become a commodity, having a well-known, trusted brand is the key to driving growth.


Stand out in a sea of sameness

People buy from brands they love, brands who they feel share the same core values and beliefs as them.

The biggest impact a marketer can make is to help people fall in love with their brand.

The best way to win the hearts & minds of customers is to share your authentic brand stories that emotionally engage audiences and create empathy between them and the brand.

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Types of brand stories you can tell

Increase brand recognition with brand storytelling:

  1. Origin story

    Tell how your company was born.

  2. Founder's story

    Explain your founder's journey

  3. Values story

    Share what your brand stands for

Get the most from your brand stories

  • Use images, video, & animations to engage audiences
  • Tap into people's emotions with your story content
  • Offer value for completing a CTA: Share this story, Get a $10 coupon
  • Drive traffic to stories through social media, ads, text messages, email, & QR codes

Measure brand awareness with integrated analytics

  • Summary report: Understand top level story metrics
  • Retention report: Determine where people drop off
  • Performance report: See what people are interacting with in your digital story
  • Source report: See which channels drive the most engaged traffic

Every Brand Has Stories.

Tell Yours.