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Capture actionable customer insights

Customers want personalized experiences from their favorite brands. With STORYSOFT, marketers can give customers what they want by collecting first-party customer insights and then translating those insights into unique digital experiences.


Learn more about your customers

The brands who are closest to the customer WIN. Use survey questions within your digital stories to learn about your customer's preferences, likes, dislikes, and what makes them tick.

By adding survey questions in the appropriate places within your stories customers can go through the story and provide you with their feedback without ever feeling like they are being surveyed or polled.


Convert insights into personalized digital stories

Customer insights collected through STORYSOFT can provide marketers with critical data which can be used to optimize existing stories or used to inform future marketing campaigns.

Marketers can also leverage the STORYSOFT personalization engine to use survey responses to customize the remaining story for a customer. One selection might lead a customer down one path whereas another selection might lead the customer down a different path within the same story.

How it works

  • Tell stories about your brand, product and services
  • Add one or more survey questions
  • Collect responses
  • Review insights using the STORYSOFT analytics portal
  • Optimize existing stories, and create new stories, based on those customer insights

Integrated story analytics

  • Responses report: See the selections customers are making
  • Performance report: Determine how many people are answering your survey questions
  • Channels report: Break down survey responses by the channel people came from

Every Brand Has Stories.

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