Tell Better Stories

Capture marketing insights and use them to optimize future stories

Increase Data Driven Decision Making

How many marketing decisions do you make in a day? What decisions do you feel most confident about?

It's the informed decisions based on data analytics and marketing insights you've captured.

The best performing campaigns are optimized over time based on a constant stream of marketing insights which enable data driven decision making.

STORYSOFT allows marketers to capture survey insights within stories, as well as, provides built-in analytics to help you optimize stories to increase conversion rates over time.

capture marketing insights

Data Capture Examples within Stories

Collect critical brand insights within stories.

  • Survey responses: Collect feedback through in-story surveys
  • Content insights: See what content people spend the most time with
  • Engagement data: Analyze what actions people take
  • Contact informatin: Capture leads & email addresses
  • CTA completions: Test different CTAs to optimize for performance
capture marketing insights

Marketing Insights Strategy

Translate insights into action through data driven decision making.

  • Tell stories about your brand, product and services
  • Add surveys, engagement activities, and a compelling CTA
  • Collect responses and story data analytics
  • Review insights through STORYSOFT reports
  • Optimize stories based on collected insights to increase conversions
marketing insights
Storytelling report

Built-in Data Analytics

Measure storytelling effectiveness using built-in analytics:

  • Overview report: Understand top level story metrics
  • Retention report: Determine where people drop off
  • CTA report: See how many people take action
  • Campaigns report: View top performing channels

Learn more about STORYSOFT analytics.

Storytelling report

Tell Better Stories Based On Data & Insights