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Increase customer acquisition with digital storytelling

People buy from brands they love. Authentic, emotion-evoking digital stories are a marketer's most powerful solution for helping people fall in love with their brand.


Convert customer attention into acquisition

Whether you're a B2C or B2B brand, it's critcial that you find ways to hold a consumer's attention that you've fought so hard to obtain, and then convert that attention into viable leads for your brand.

Emotion-evoking stories trigger the release of hormones like dopamine & oxytocin in the minds of your audience, which locks in your message and compels them to action. Actions like signing up for your CRM campaign.


Top of the sales funnel stories

Add a compelling call-to-action to sign up for your email list at the end of any of these types of stories:

  1. Customer story

    Share a customer testimonial

  2. Brand values story

    Share what your brand stands for

  3. Community story

    Tell a community service story

Convert clicks into leads

Share stories where your target customers spend their time and use immersive stories to convert clicks into leads.

  • Brand website: Engage website visitors with stories
  • Social media: Share stories on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social channel
  • Ads: Link stories to your search & display ads
  • In-store: Enable employees to text story links to shoppers

Measuring customer acquisition

The STORYSOFT platform includes built-in analytics that lets brand marketers quickly understand their return on customer acquisition cost by tracking how many leads have come in through stories.

Every Brand Has Stories.

Tell Yours.