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Bring customer-level insights back to your brand

Customers want personalized experiences. With increasing restrictions on the use of 3rd party cookies, marketers need to own their customer data.



You own the data

When STORYSOFT can identify a specific customer, either through an integration with your CRM or data collection within a digital story, customer level engagement data can be delivered from STORYSOFT back to your centralized database.



  1. First-party data

    STORYSOFT stays up-to-date with all of the latest data security standards and ensures customer data is collected & stored accordingly.


    API endpoints are available to brands who want to connect their database to STORYSOFT & securely pass customer data between the systems.

  3. Secure data transfer

    STORYSOFT can deliver your customer-level data on a routine basis (daily, weekly, etc.) using SFTP data transfer protocols.


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Stop depending on 3rd party data for personalization

With your own customer database you no longer have to rely on, and pay for, 3rd party marketing lists for targeting and personalization.

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Store all of your customer data in a centralized location

Feed first-party data into your centralized database, CRM, or email marketing system that houses all of your customer data.

Deliver better experiences to customers

Use the data collected from STORYSOFT to deliver future personalized experiences that WOW your customers.


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