How It Works

A simple 3-step process to to scale your storytelling with STORYSOFT

Create Your Digital Story

Create a free STORYSOFT account.

Use the Story Builder to add your story content & creative assets (logos, fonts, imagery, video).

Add a compelling call-to-action.

Publish your digital story.

Find ideas for the types of stories brands can tell.

How to Share STORYSOFT stories

Share Your Story

Set up Campaigns in STORYSOFT for the channels you plan to use to drive traffic to your story (ie. Ads, Social Media, Email, etc.).

STORYSOFT Campaign tracking is similar to Google UTM codes. It allows you tie data back to each channel.

You can then share STORYSOFT stories just like you would share a link to a website.

How to Share STORYSOFT stories

Analyze Story Insights

Use our Reporting Dashboard to access story analytics.

See what's working, what's not, & what actions users take.

Optimize story effectiveness over time based on insights.

Create higher engagement & increase conversions.

story analytics

Every Brand Has Stories. Tell Yours.