How It Works

Tell digital stories that convert consumer attention into leads, sales, & loyalty

Craft a Story

Think about your audience, how you want them to feel, & the action you want them to take (ie. sign up, buy now, etc.)

You or your agency crafts an emotion-evoking narrative around those outcomes.

Add a compelling call-to-action.

Find ideas for the types of stories brands can tell.

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Publish the Story

Package and deliver the story content & creative assets (logos, fonts, imagery, video) to STORYSOFT.

The STORYSOFT Design Book provides specs and packaging instructions.

STORYSOFT will build your story, publish it, & provide you with a link to the digital story.

digital storytelling solution-storysoft-design-book

Share the Story

Set up Campaigns for each channel you want to use for driving traffic to your story (ie. Ads, Social Media, Email, etc.).

STORYSOFT Campaign tracking is similar to Google UTM codes. It allows you tie data back to each channel individually.

Begin sharing the link to your story on any channel where your audiences spends their time.

Increase Brand Awareness with Stories
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Analyze & Optimize the Story

View results by story, campaign, or even by individual.

Optimize stories based on which content consumers spend the most time on, what actions they take, & where they drop off.

Learn more about STORYSOFT analytics.

STORYSOFT drop off report

Every Brand Has a Story. Tell Yours.

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