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Increase sales with digital stories

95% of purchase decisions are driven by emotion, not reason and logic. Digital storytelling emotionally engages audiences and compels them to "buy now."


Authentic, emotional content drives sales

Consumers are inundated with brand content & ads. Products and services have been commoditized. Why should they buy from you?

Because they love your brand. They love what your brand stands for. And the best way to create these deep bonds is through storytelling.

Captivating digital stories get people to love your brand, feel for your brand, cry for your brand, and ultimately BUY your brand.


Product story ideas

Increase sales with powerful product stories that give emotionally-charged leads a compelling reason to buy.

  1. WHY story

    Tell the story behind why you created the product

  2. Inspiration story

    Showcase the outcomes your product creates

  3. Sourcing story

    Explain how materials were sourced

Convert leads into customers

Follow these storytelling tips to increase sales:

  • Empathy: Allow people to see themselves in the story
  • Emotion: Take people on an emotional journey
  • Problem: Set up a challenge that your audience also faces
  • Solution: Show how your product solves the problem
  • CTA: Encourage them to buy your product with a compelling CTA

Measure digital storytelling ROI

Vanity metrics like open rate, followers, & likes don't cut it anymore. Marketers need to know how each tactic impacts sales.

Brands can append tracking codes to story URLs so anyone who clicks through a CTA within a story & makes a purchase from your e-commerce site can be attributed back to the STORYSOFT story.

Every Brand Has Stories.

Tell Yours.