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Deliver the right story at the right moment through the right channel

Customers are inundated with content and ads from brands. To break through the clutter marketers must move beyond segmentation and into personalization.



Deliver personalized customer experiences at scale

Customers want personalized experiences. They want brands to deliver digital content that's tailored to their preferences. Personalization at scale has been a challenge. Until now.



  1. CRM integration

    Integrate STORYSOFT with your brand's centralized database. Use customer preferences and behavioral data to deliver stories relevant to each customer's interests.

  2. Dynamic content

    Customize stories based on user actions. Change content on future pages when a customer engages with interactive elements or answers a survey question on a previous page.

  3. Customer-level data

    If STORYSOFT is passed a customer ID from your brand's database, we can deliver customer-level engagement data back to you.


aim 1
Deliver personalized customer experiences at scale

Using STORYSOFT's personalization engine marketers can deliver unique experiences to each customer.

Create WOW moments for customers

Surprise customers on special occasions. Deliver stories with relevant offers as they enter a store. Make them feel like insiders with 'sneak peek stories' on products they are interested in.

re-feed the loop
Collect first-party customer engagement

As your customers engage with personalized experiences their engagement data can be fed back to your CRM to further build out their customer profiles for use in future personalized campaigns.


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