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Break through with the most powerful form of content

STORYSOFT digital stories are linear experiences. Content screens are strung together to create an emotion-evoking narrative. Content comes to life through images, animations, text overlays, and video.

Similar to a website, stories are hosted on a URL, but they provide a more immersive experience. The linear structure means consumers don't have to seek and find information. They navigate by swiping right to left.

STORYSOFT stories are more powerful than social media stories because they can be personalized. They are also more valuable because you can create the content once, and share stories through any marketing channel.

Personalized Digital Stories

How personalization works

Seamlessly connect STORYSOFT with your CRM.

Your agency builds stories on the STORYSOFT platform or we build them for you.

Share story links or trigger personalized content to consumers based on any activity - Visits your website, is shopping in your store, abandons your e-commerce shopping cart, etc.

As consumers engage with the story content, engagement data is captured by STORYSOFT. Reports are generated, and data is transferred back to your CRM to further build out shopper profiles.

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Personalized digital stories

Delivered tailored stories at any time, based on any parameters you set

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Four types of personalized digital stories:

  1. Segmented stories - Create individual stories based on customer personas.
  2. Customized copy - Use text parameters to display things like first or last name, latest purchase, trending products, etc.
  3. Customized content - Serve different content based on variables like consumer preferences, recent behavior, sales and promotions, etc.
  4. Dynamic stories - Dynamically show content later in the story based on a consumers' actions early in the story.

Engage consumers with personalized stories through any marketing channel

Easily drive consumers to brand or product stories by simply sharing a link through:

CRM emails

Social media

Brand website

Enable store associates to share with shoppers

Printed on marketing collateral

QR codes on in-store signage

Instant access to actionable customer engagement data

With STORYSOFT, analytics are integrated. No need for third party reporting plugins.

Quickly see how people move through the digital story

The Retention Report allows you to see which content consumers are interested in, what actions they take, and even where they drop off.

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Track campaigns to see the channels that work best

The Campaign Report breaks down shopper engagement data by channel (ie. CRM emails acquire the most traffic to a story, Social media drives the highest engagement, Texting stories to shoppers in-store converts the best, etc.).

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View insights down to the individual page level

The Page Visits Report shows page level visit data by Total Visits and Unique Visits. You can even view deeper activity data by page with the 'View More' button.

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STORYSOFT stories move people to love your brand, feel for your brand, cry for your brand, and buy your brand


Convert prospects into leads with interactive brand stories that create an emotional connection and capture consumer contact information.


Expedite sales by telling powerful product stories that capture consumer attention, and compel shoppers to buy your product.


Build empathetic bonds with customers through stories that exude shared values, and encourage them to share your story with their network.


Track sales conversions from a product story when shoppers click the story call-to-action button, land on your e-Commerce site, and buy.

Every Brand Has a Story.  Tell Yours.

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