Drive audiences to STORYSOFT stories from your print marketing campaigns

Use Print to Drive to Digital

Engage consumers in the real world with your digital story by leveraging your print marketing.

Print a QR code, short URL, or mobile short code on brochures, posters, ads, signage, product packaging, & more.

When the consumer takes action, she gets access to an emotionally engaging STORYSOFT story on her mobile device.

Let the power of storytelling compel your audience to action.

Print delivers reach. STORYSOFT delivers conversions.

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Increase Print Marketing ROI

Print is expensive. Get more out of it.


Drive people from print to a story designed for customer acquisition.


Emotion drives purchasing. Tell product stories designed for sales.


Print provides no data. Digital does. Get people to a story. Track results.

Use Print Marketing to Drive to Digital Stories

It's as easy as printing a QR Code, link or short URL on your piece.

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Get Started with STORYSOFT in 3 Easy Steps

The only content marketing solution that integrates everything you need for effective storytelling.


Use the Story Builder to quickly create immersive digital stories.

STORYSOFT How it Works


Configure Campaigns & print URLs or QR Codes onto your print marketing materials.

STORYSOFT How it Works


Access a reporting dashboard to view metrics & track effectiveness.

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Every Brand Has Stories. Tell Yours.