Seamlessly Deliver Stories to Audiences Across Multiple Channels

Customers expect you to be on the same platforms as them, but creating unique content for each platform is time consuming & costly. With STORYSOFT, create your digital story once, and share it everywhere.

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How to Share STORYSOFT stories


Create stories once. Share them everywhere.

Stories are hosted on a URL, which means you can distribute stories to your audiences simply by sharing the story link via email, text, social media, QR codes, brand websites, display ads, and SEM ads.

How to Share STORYSOFT stories


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With the click of a button brands can publish digital stories to a link hosted by STORYSOFT.


Add channels that you plan to share the story on and get a unique link to use for each channel.


Each story has a Share button that audiences can click & share your story with their network.


Using the Analytics portal you can see which channels drive the highest quality traffic to your stories.

Channels brands can use


Text customers a link to your story. With a 95% open rate, text messages are the most effective channel for delivering stories.


Instead of writing a 4 paragraph email that customers don't want to read, keep it short & include a link to your story.


Increase ad conversion rates by replacing static landing pages with an interactive story. Link your story to SEM, display & social ads.


Share stories on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn. A featured image & title will show when sharing your story on social.


Websites benefit from a constant flow of traffic. Link your stories to, unbranded sites, and even 3rd party websites.


Print QR codes on signage, brochures, direct mailers & more. People can scan the code & the story will open in their browser.


Meet customers where they are spending their time

Ensure you're active on the channels your customers are on without spending the time to recreate stories for each channel.

Customers have a consistent experience

Each customer will have the same opportunity to engage with your story no matter which channel they came from.

Learn which channels drive the highest ROI

Channel reports allow you to see where the most engaged customers are coming from and how they engage with the story.

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