Storytelling, the Most Powerful Way to Convert Attention into Action

We are shown over 5,000 brand messages each day. As a marketer, you spend a lot to break through the noise.

But clicks on ads & social posts aren't conversions. What's the best way to engage and convert audiences?

Simple. Storytelling.

Facts shared in stories are 22x more memorable. Subconscious emotions drive 95% of purchase decisions.

STORYSOFT enhances the way brands tell their stories.
Evoke emotion. Compel action.

The Ultimate Digital Storytelling Platform for Brands

Achieve all of your marketing objectives with a single storytelling solution


Tell attention-holding stories that build interest in your brand


Capture leads, collect email addresses, and drive sales


Increase  retention and turn customers into raving fans


Track ROI & use analytics to make informed brand decisions

Tell Stories About Your Brand, Products, and Services

STORYSOFT stories are mobile-first digital experiences that consumers navigate linearly by swiping right-to-left.

Where STORYSOFT Fits Into Your World

Instead of driving traffic to a website or landing page, increase conversion rates by telling them a story first.

Drive traffic to STORYSOFT Stories

Capture Attention

  • Display & SEM Ads: Link stories to ads & see higher conversions than sending traffic to a static landing page
  • Social Media: Stop building content for each social site, create a STORYSOFT story & share it on all social channels
  • CRM: Great for reach, but increasingly ineffective as an engagement tool, embed story URLs in emails to link people to an immersive digital experience
  • Print: Use QR codes & SMS short codes on brochures, business cards, & journal ads to drive traffic to stories
Personalized Digital Stories

Tell Stories

Marketers spend so much time & money to capture attention, but clicks on ads & social posts aren't conversions.

Tell stories that give people a reason to love your brand, feel for your brand, cry for your brand, and buy your brand.

Stories are the most powerful tool brands have for converting attention into action.

increase sales through storytelling

Compel Action

Use ads, social media, & email to drive traffic to your stories.

Then use stories to to evoke an emotional connection with your audience, and give them a reason to take action.

Finally, plan a compelling CTA at the end of your story that drives the behavior you seek (ie. sign up, buy now, share this).

Learn more about all of the ways marketers use STORYSOFT.

STORYSOFT is Used by Marketers Across Many Industries

Brands big and small use STORYSOFT for breakthrough brand storytelling







Every Brand Has a Story. Tell Yours.