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For marketers, from marketers

We believe that to be successful in an age of distraction and unlimited choice, marketers need to create a strategy to break through the clutter, establish an authentic emotional connection with consumers, capture and hold their attention, and ultimately drive sales.

Storytelling. Is. It.

Digital storytelling is the most powerful approach to getting people to love your brand, feel for your brand, cry for your brand, and buy your brand.

With decades working in marketing, combined with a passion for storytelling and technology, we wanted to create the ultimate tool for telling marketing stories at scale - a platform that we ourselves would use.

STORYSOFT is the manifestation of that vision.


On a mission to help marketers tell breakthrough brand stories



The common threads that bind the STORYSOFT team together are our core values.

  • Create win-win outcomes for all parties
  • Be solutions-oriented
  • See work as art
  • Focus on frictionless experiences
  • Combine long-term patience with short-term speed
  • Always deliver
  • Love your community

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