Boost Customer Retention

Use storytelling to convert customers into raving fans

Customer Retention Matters

The most profitable way to grow your brand is to sell more products and services to existing customers.

You've spent so much time, money, & effort to capture leads, and convert them into customers.

Don't stop there.

Give people a reason to stay in love with your brand, and share it with everyone they know.

Use storytelling to convert customers into brand loyalists, and loyalists into raging fans.

customer retention with storytelling
Digital Storytelling with STORYSOFT

Boost Customer Loyalty with Storytelling

Example stories you can tell to increase retention and propel customers to share your message:

  • Brand story: Tell stories that build deep bonds by connecting your brand values to your customers'
  • Testimonial story: Get customers involved by collecting stories their stories to share with others
  • Community story: Spotlight your community efforts, & invite customers to join you
Digital Storytelling with STORYSOFT

How to Share Stories that Increase Retention

Since STORYSOFT stories are hosted on a URL, you can share them with customers through your existing channels:

  • Link customer retention stories from your email drip campaign
  • Share stories on social media
  • Print QR codes on store signage to drive shoppers to your customer loyalty stories
  • Feature customer retention stories on your website
Increase Brand Awareness with Stories
Storytelling report

Measuring Success for Customer Loyalty Programs

Easily measure storytelling effectiveness in your customer loyalty programs using built-in analytics:

  • Overview report: Track visitors, time spent, & more
  • Retention report: Determine where people drop off
  • CTA report: See how many people share your story
  • Campaigns report: View top performing channels

Learn more about STORYSOFT analytics.

Storytelling report

Storytelling Converts Customers Into Raving Fans