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Increase Measurable Website Impact

Get HCPs & patients to take more high value actions on by adding irresistible Instagram-style brand stories to your site.


An innovative website solution that helps brands break through the clutter


Generate More High Value Actions

Deliver brand messages in a social media format that gets HCPs & patients to download, signup, respond & interact more


Quickly publish new stories to

Add new story content to your site without needing to re-approve the entire web page each time


Easily measure impact

Native Analytics™ provide marketers with goal-based performance metrics and deep customer insights


Keep leadership informed

Send quick-hitting performance updates to leadership using our 3 Slides to Success™ approach

How it works

Pharma-compliant marketing technologies combined with pharma-experienced white glove services make it fast and frictionless to add STORYSOFT Stories to websites.

Create digital stories

  • Collect approved brand assets
  • Create stories aligned to brand strategies
  • Set goals for high value actions
  • Obtain approval from Medical-Legal-Regulatory

Publish stories to your website

  • Collaborate with IT and agency teams for hassle-free integration
  • Embed our installation script into website homepage
  • Seamlessly blend Stories with website layout and design

Measure impact

  • Receive on-demand access to our Analytics dashboard 
  • Native Analytics™ provide goal-based performance metrics
  • Pass information to Google Analytics to connect campaign & story data together

Pharma-specific features

Decades of healthcare experience translated into a core feature set providing marketers with the tools for success.

Approved asset extraction

Transform existing materials into digital stories for faster development.

Immersive story content

Video, audio, images, animations, surveys, and interactivity increase high value action engagement.

Pharma-compliant components

Add ISI, PI, Study Design, and References to digital stories.

Scaleable content personalization

Serve relevant content to website visitors real-time based on their behavior.

A/B testing

Quickly test new messages within digital stories before broader rollout.

Native Analytics™

Proprietary first-party analytics are integrated with story content. 

Customer-level data

Behavioral data can be associated with a visitor ID and securely transferred to the brand.

Omnichannel integration

Contextual data is used to trigger next best action opportunities for website visitors.

3rd-party analytics integration

Connect products such as Google Analytics to pass data between systems.

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