Conversational Marketing: Meet Customers at a Human Level The personalization of marketing has become a priority across industries, and with good reason. McKinsey’s Next in Personalization Report revealed that 71% of consumers expect personalization. To expect personalization is to expect humanization. And what’s more human than having a conversation? Here enters conversational marketing. What is conversational marketing? Defined by its creator, tech…

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Data Storytelling: How Spotify Wrapped Hooks the World

The holiday season isn’t the only thing to look forward to come late November. Spotify Wrapped is the early Christmas gift that hijacks social media and conversations for a few days of music-centric buzz. Data storytelling at its finest, Spotify Wrapped generates a series of personalized insights on users’ listening habits to tell the unique…

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It’s Time to Prioritize Personalization: Today’s Examples

Personalization is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity when it comes to modern marketing strategy. In McKinsey & Company’s 2021 report, it was determined that 70% of consumers now expect personalization. That’s not all, the study shows that they are frustrated if those expectations aren’t met. What this means is that…

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