Generate Actionable Insights with STORYSOFT

Sifting through dense piles of jumbled third-party data is the bane of every healthcare marketer’s existence. Oftentimes it’s an unintelligible mess that does little to help indicate which marketing messages are most effective. With STORYSOFT, you can leave the mess behind. Own your data and glean actionable insights from it to continually refine your content.

Collect first-party data to understand your audience

We securely collect first-party data so that you can say goodbye to the headache of privacy concerns and ditch the high cost of analyzing third-party data. 


With first-party data, you can easily determine what’s working and what’s not working in regards to your brand messaging, and with STORYSOFT, access to such information is reasonably priced.


Learning how your audience thinks and acts is even more important than learning who they are. That’s the beauty of first-party, behavioral data. 


Plus, it generates invaluable insights.

Why actionable insights matter

Actionable insights are as they sound. Rather than murky, unusable insights, actionable insights are immediately implementable. 


You can see what’s resonating with your audience in real time, never having to guess about the “why." Actionable insights eliminate doubt.


They allow you to fully understand your audience’s needs and preferences so that you can promptly adjust your content to meet those needs. 


This regular tweaking drives constant message refinement. 


The benefits of actionable insights are twofold. They push you to take action to better your content, which, in turn, causes your audience to take high value actions. Action on both ends. It's a win-win!

Actionable insights fuel your digital experiences

Actionable insights fuel your healthcare marketing team with all the information you need to quickly update and develop irresistible brand Stories (our interactive digital experiences). 

Stories evolve as you uncover user preferences. 


For example, if you discover that a particular message stands out to your audience, prompting action, prioritize leveraging that message going forward, placing it at the beginning of your Story to captivate users. A Story is nothing without its hook. 


With actionable insights, put your finger to the pulse of message effectiveness. By tapping into why certain messages resonate more deeply with your audience than others, you’ll be equipped to make substantial improvements. 


STORYSOFT insights go beyond being actionable; they’re secure, straightforward, and strive to turn the generation of insights into a closed loop. Every insight leads to a new insight, your messaging getting better and increasingly personalized with each run through the cycle.

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