Generate Actionable Insights with STORYSOFT

Sifting through dense piles of jumbled third-party data is the bane of every healthcare marketer’s existence. Oftentimes it’s an unintelligible mess that does little to help indicate which marketing messages are most effective. With STORYSOFT, you can leave the mess behind. Own your data and glean actionable insights from it to continually refine your content. Collect…

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Standout Healthcare Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is about more than football, viewers flocking to their screens to see what new commercials big brands have cooked up each year (and for many this past Sunday, to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift). 2024’s healthcare Super Bowl commercials tackled a range of topics, from father-daughter bonding to body image.  …

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Patient Segmentation for Deeper Connection

Market segmentation is a valuable tool for marketers, as it fine-tunes and customizes communication with consumers. Pharmaceutical companies would do well to utilize patient segmentation, resulting in better connections with patients as their specific needs are addressed.   Patients are segmented into various groups based on factors such as age and condition. Their aforementioned needs…

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Why You Should Create Personalized Content for Patients

Health is an incredibly personal topic, arguably the most personal. Why not treat it as such? Creating personalized content for patients should be the norm.   Think about it like this: if a patient goes to their doctor to be prescribed medication to help them, the doctor treats them like a human. They are sympathetic,…

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Why Omnichannel Pharma is the New HCP and Patient Engagement Solution

Multichannel efforts weren’t enough to break through to busy HCPs and patients, so an omnichannel approach is steadily coming to the forefront of pharma marketing strategy. Omnichannel pharma is today’s dynamic solution to adapting to the evolving marketing landscape. Smart Insights describes omnichannel marketing as being “about providing appropriate and relevant content across different channels…

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Why Snackable Content Is the Future of Pharma Marketing

Brand websites aren’t going out of style, but they can coexist alongside a new method of pharma marketing, that being snackable content, more specifically, the snackable digital experience.   Instead of inundating HCPs with an entire website’s worth of information to sift through inefficiently, guide them through a brief but immersive digital experience on their…

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