Why You Should Create Personalized Content for Patients

Health is an incredibly personal topic, arguably the most personal. Why not treat it as such? Creating personalized content for patients should be the norm.


Think about it like this: if a patient goes to their doctor to be prescribed medication to help them, the doctor treats them like a human.

They are sympathetic, they ask questions, and they provide thoughtful answers and solutions tailored to that patient’s needs. Pharmaceutical companies should treat patients the same way.


The power of a name

Imagine you’re checking your email, scrolling past promotion after promotion. They’re all generic and unspecific. You’re on autopilot, finger poised over the trash icon.


Now put yourself in a patient’s shoes. You’ve been struggling with a condition, which is hard enough, but then you get bombarded with ads from brands saying they can help you, but help who? They don’t use your name. They don’t try to narrow down your needs. You’re a number and a prospective paycheck.

Yes, every customer is a prospective paycheck regardless of the business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a person first.


With that in mind, step into a patient’s shoes again, but this time, as you’re clicking through your inbox, you see your name. This compels you to open the email. You’re glad you did so because a survey loads. This brand wants to suggest a product specific to your experience with your condition. They want your business, but they also want to provide the best care possible.


You feel respected, and thus, fill out the survey, giving the brand a chance.


Using AI to personalize content for patients

AI can be employed to customize content for distinct individuals. An extensive document created by Deloitte explains why:


“AI marketing solutions analyze patient datasets to recommend how, when, and with what customized content to engage patients and partners (such as personalized ads, tailored medication regimens, and adherence programs) across channels and the patient journey.”


AI will do the heavy lifting, and you'll use that advanced data to effectively personalize content for patients tired of impersonal messaging.


Target specific patient communities 

Beyond targeting a single person, given that’s not always possible, brands can target patient communities by working to understand them, using the same tactics but widening their scope.


Collect data and actionable analytics to bolster your personalization efforts. Key into what the patient community you're marketing to wants and how they want information packaged.


It's up to you to roll up your sleeves and do the research to give patients better outcomes. Lead with humanity. This will increase patient engagement and result in a satisfying customer experience.


With STORYSOFT, you can create personalized content for patients. Learn more.

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