A TikTok Alternative for Healthcare Brands

Since its 2016 release, TikTok has become a staple app for many, seemingly every industry carving out its own unique corner of the platform: beauty, fashion, fitness, publishing, music, tech...it would be easier to list those not using the platform. While there are members of the healthcare space on TikTok, compliance is a big concern. Luckily, there is a viable TikTok alternative for healthcare brands that ensures regulatory requirements are met: the snackable digital experience.


We call this dynamic experience a Story. It’s packed with core brand messages, interactive elements, compelling graphics, and, best of all, built-in compliance features like PI, References, and an Important Safety Information statement. 

Stories vs. TikToks

Stories function similarly to TikToks, without the risk, making them the perfect TikTok alternative for healthcare brands. They're bite-sized, optimized for mobile, and equipped with many of the same features:

Audio and video capabilities

TikToks wouldn’t be TikToks without their audiovisual appeal. It’s how they succeed at capturing attention, which isn’t an easy feat in today’s content-cluttered world.


Good news! STORYSOFT Stories can include both video and audio, too. For example, you could begin a patient cases Story with a friendly nurse navigator voiceover (VO). That type of VO offers users a warm welcome, priming their attention.


You could also include patient VOs to connect with users and make the experience more personal. 


Music is often used on TikTok as well, the content informed by a song choice or a wistful instrumental. You can add the option for users to listen to music while they move through your Story, enhancing their experience.


Additionally, Stories allow for all sorts of videos to be dropped in, whether a pleasant background video of ocean waves to sit behind stats or an up close and personal shot of a doctor discussing dosing and titration. 


Stories certainly are not lacking in audiovisual presentation. In a single Story, you could include a graph, a VO, a video, an animation, colorful CTA buttons, and so much more, turning attention into engagement.

Sharing feature

One of the best parts about TikTok is sharing the TikToks you like with others. If you see a TikTok on proofing dough for cinnamon rolls and your friend was just talking about wanting to bake more, you could send the TikTok their way to show you're thinking of them.  


At the top of each Story is a share button, linking out to Facebook, X, and LinkedIn, so that if your healthcare brand Story resonates with a patient or piques the interest of an HCP, they can share it on social media. Or, since Stories are hosted on unique URLs, they could share it with individual friends or colleagues across channels. 


Build STORYSOFT Stories once. Share them everywhere!


Story-specific features

STORYSOFT Stories have more to offer healthcare brands than TikToks do. The interactivity of a Story is a major differentiator and benefit. HCPs and patients click through the pages of a brand Story, able to interact with sliders, surveys, and so on, deepening engagement and providing customer insights back to the brand. 


Stories also contain a higher level of personalization. An HCP can be addressed by name and can choose the path they take through a Story based on relevance to their specialty. Patients can answer survey questions that tailor the Story to their needs in real time. 


And, of course, as mentioned above, Stories come with built-in compliance features, so you can share your branded materials stress-free.


It is the digital innovation the pharma industry has been needing to catch up.


Make your pharma TikTok dreams a reality by turning to STORYSOFT Stories to create captivating digital experiences.

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