Increase Healthcare Sales Rep Time with HCPs Using Digital Experiences 

The time healthcare sales reps get to spend with HCPs is collapsing. Help increase healthcare sales rep time with HCPs by using digital experiences as interactive leave behinds. Bridging the gap between healthcare sales reps and HCPs Digital experiences (Stories) are convenient, compliant, and pack an emotional punch. Stories contain core brand messages and engaging…

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5 Components of Irresistible Audiovisual Experiences for HCPs & Patients

Simple video is not enough to win over HCPs and patients. That breed of audiovisual content only requires a passive type of engagement. Your audience can watch a commercial without absorbing key messages or taking action. Creating dynamic audiovisual experiences for HCPs and patients is the secret to promoting active engagement.   Active engagement drives…

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Add TikTok-like Experiences to Your Healthcare Brand Website

Snackable content is preferred by most consumers today. Billions of people use apps like TikTok and Instagram, which rely on their brevity to wrangle hard-earned attention. Healthcare marketers can leverage the same short-form digital content to appeal to the needs of the modern HCP and patient, adding TikTok-like experiences to their healthcare brand website.  …

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A TikTok Alternative for Healthcare Brands

Since its 2016 release, TikTok has become a staple app for many, seemingly every industry carving out its own unique corner of the platform: beauty, fashion, fitness, publishing, music, tech…it would be easier to list those not using the platform. While there are members of the healthcare space on TikTok, compliance is a big concern.…

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How Your Healthcare Brand Can Leverage QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere, and for good reason. They’re convenient, easy to distribute, simple to scan, and cost-effective. You see them at restaurants instead of paper menus, on flyers in coffee shops…but what about in the life sciences industry? Your healthcare brand could leverage QR codes to share branded content with HCPs and patients, encouraging…

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Increase Healthcare Sales Rep Impact With Personalized Digital Stories

The time healthcare sales reps get to spend with the HCPs has dramatically declined. So how can you increase healthcare sales rep impact? Consider leveraging personalized digital experiences.   Personalized digital experiences act as extensions to sales calls, enabling HCPs to spend more time with your brand long after the rep has left. Create &…

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4 Digital Leave Behind Ideas for Healthcare Sales Reps

If you’re searching for a way to push digital innovation and boost healthcare sales rep impact, leverage Stories as digital leave behinds.   Stories are personalized digital experiences containing core brand messages and engaging interactive elements. They function similarly to social media stories and are pharma-compliant. They’re designed to extend sales calls, keeping your brand…

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