Reduce Pharma Website Bounce Rates with Personalized Digital Experiences

Do your HCP and patient websites look the same as your competitors'? To reduce pharma website bounce rates, you need to stand out from the rest. 


It's time to try something new.


Embed engaging, interactive digital experiences throughout your brand website to capture user attention and avoid the high bounce rates so many healthcare brand sites face.


Why you should optimize with digital experiences

Think about all of the time, money, and effort spent driving audiences to your HCP and patient websites. Now think about the impact you can make on the brand if you mitigate website drop-offs, getting visitors to stay longer, consume more key messages, and engage in high value actions like downloading key resources, enrolling in programs, requesting rep calls or samples, etc.


Embedded digital experiences do all of that. They’re complete with built-in compliance features, attention-grabbing audiovisual elements, and relevant CTAs to drive desired behavior.


Plus, they can be personalized using UTM parameters that are passed along from drivers like banners, emails, and SEM ads.


Include segmentation information within the UTMs—geolocation, driver placement (where the ad is running), etc.—then we can pick up those parameters when a visitor hits the site and show personalized content based on them.


Your website doesn’t have to fit into the same tired box as your typical healthcare brand site. Yours can pop. 


Jumpstart engagement and feed it so that HCPs and patients stay on your website for longer. 

STORYSOFT WebFrame™ reduces pharma website bounce rates

Social media is not an easy path for healthcare brands, especially where compliance is concerned. The STORYSOFT WebFrame provides a home for your digital experiences (Stories) that meets MLR requirements and feels like social media.


Website visitors can scroll through a feed of your unique, personalized experiences, interacting with one or multiple of them to learn more about your brand. Your embedded Stories can range from “choose your own adventure” patient profiles to data-backed dosing and titration experiences. Give users options to keep them engaged, reducing bounce rates.



All you have to do is embed our installation script into your website.


With the help of our IT team, it’s a hassle-free integration. When you’re ready to drop in a new digital experience or refresh messaging in existing experiences, you can do so seamlessly, not disrupting the existing site layout and design or updating your entire website.


As with all STORYSOFT Stories, you’ll be able to track goal-based performance metrics with STORYSOFT Native Analytics™. See where HCPs and patients drop off in your digital experiences to uncover the pieces of your Stories that aren't resonating. 


Embedding digital experiences into your pharma brand website is a multi-faceted solution that not only reduces pharma website bounce rates, but also elevates and expands your brand world. It allows HCPs and patients to dive into all your brand’s offerings and key messaging. It’s the future. Start now.

Reduce pharma website bounce rates with STORYSOFT's website embed solution. Learn more.

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