Get HCPs and Patients to Take High Value Actions on Your Site

When so much capital is put toward driving traffic to, making an immediate and measurable impact is critical. To generate high value actions, your website has to stand out. 


What better way to capture HCP and patient attention than with social media-style experiences? If the billions of social media users are any indication, bite-sized digital content is irresistible, especially when packaged as a story.


Let’s get into some best practices for crafting powerful digital stories for your brand website.

Length — keep it snackable

HCPs and patients want convenience. Convenient content can be quickly consumed. It’s valuable, to-the-point, and user-friendly.


Every single day, HCPs and patients are presented with new brands and the myriad reasons why those brands are the best fit for their specific needs. Busy schedules don’t allow for every brand to receive the same level of time and attention. 


If you keep your digital stories short and sweet, you’ll be that much more likely to steal some of that coveted time, getting on HCPs' and patients' radar. 


Plus, if you embed multiple digital stories into your website, making them snackable will entice visitors to “binge” them, clicking through a whole set in one sitting.

Content — make it memorable


How can you encourage HCPs and patients to take more high value actions on your website? Make sure your digital stories are immersive, memorable, and steeped in key brand messages.


To immerse HCPs and patients in your brand stories, employ interactivity and personalization, putting visitors in the driver’s seat. 


To be memorable, tell an emotion-evoking story.


Heartfelt, authentic storytelling breathes new life into your brand messages. This imbues your messages with the power to deeply move HCPs and patients, connecting with them personally rather than just in a professional capacity.

CTAs — drive high value actions

Populate your digital stories with plenty of relevant CTAs to compel HCPs and patients to take more high value actions, goals assigned to each. 


Maybe you want to drive patients to enroll in a nurse navigator program or you want an HCP to download a doctor discussion guide. 


Choose whichever actions are most valuable to your brand objectives and plant them wisely.

Giving your brand stories a permanent home

Our STORYSOFT WebFrame™ provides an attention-grabbing home for your digital stories.


HCPs and patients won't be able to resist clicking through.


How does it work? It’s simple. Once you’ve created your pharma-compliant digital stories, you can seamlessly plug them into your homepage after embedding our installation script. 


Then track the high value actions HCPs and patients take with our on-demand analytics. 


Visitors can simply scroll or swipe, depending on their preferred device, making for a smooth (and fun!) experience. 


Bonus: You can publish new stories to your website without disrupting existing layouts & designs whenever you want!

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