Increase Healthcare Sales Rep Time with HCPs Using Digital Experiences 

The time healthcare sales reps get to spend with HCPs is collapsing. Help increase healthcare sales rep time with HCPs by using digital experiences as interactive leave behinds.


Bridging the gap between healthcare sales reps and HCPs

Digital experiences (Stories) are convenient, compliant, and pack an emotional punch. Stories contain core brand messages and engaging interactive elements.


They function similarly to social media stories with the added bonus of built-in compliance features. 


They’re designed to extend sales calls, keeping your brand top of mind far beyond the termination of a call.


Reps can use Stories as engaging digital leave behinds covering topics such as:

  • Patient cases
  • Core brand stories
  • Dosing and titration
  • Unmet needs


The best part? Stories can activate HCPs in person or remotely, allowing you to conquer whitespace and turn it into a new opportunity to flex your brand's digital muscles and increase time with hard-to-reach HCPs.

Print leave behinds aren't working

Print is out. Digital is in. Why? Print leave behinds are expensive to produce and update, not to mention impersonal and static. Plus, without the analytics enabled by digital leave behinds, there’s no way of knowing if your piece made an impact or was tossed in the trash. 


Using Stories as leave behinds is the solution. Stories are cost-effective, easy to update, personalized, dynamic, and so on, increasing healthcare sales rep time with HCPs.


Reps simply choose a digital experience to share via their CLM presentation and tap to generate a personalized QR code for the HCP to scan. 


The HCP can enter the digital brand world you’ve created at their convenience.


Easily measure impact

The final cherry on top? With Stories, HCP-level data is collected and transferred back to reps for use during future sales conversations.


Your brand will be able to continuously track Story performance with a real-time dashboard. You’ll be able to glean invaluable insights into HCP preferences and needs. For example, find out which messages resonate with HCPs and which fall flat, driving constant message refinement.


It’s simple. If you’re searching for a way to reach HCPs, boost rep impact, and reduce print costs, swap the print leave behinds for Stories.

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