4 Digital Leave Behind Ideas for Healthcare Sales Reps

If you’re searching for a way to push digital innovation and boost healthcare sales rep impact, leverage Stories as digital leave behinds.


Stories are personalized digital experiences containing core brand messages and engaging interactive elements. They function similarly to social media stories and are pharma-compliant. They’re designed to extend sales calls, keeping your brand top of mind far beyond the termination of a call.

Stories are more engaging than your average physical leave behind and cause a welcome reduction in print costs.


Here are four standout Stories reps can leave with HCPs at the end of a sales call:

1. Patient Cases

Engage HCPs by putting them in the driver’s seat.


How? Leave them with a “choose your own adventure” patient cases Story.


HCPs can decide which patient case they’d like to explore based on relevance to their practice, clicking through the selected patient's current symptoms and treatment history; moving voiceovers; and more.


On the final page of the Story, direct HCPs to helpful resources like clinical data or prescription savings information.

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2. Core Brand Story

Think of a core brand Story like a meet and greet with an HCP. It's short and sweet, covering the basics of your brand.


Be sure to include studies and proven safety data to pique an HCP's interest in your brand. Display pertinent data using sliders, video, and the like to create a more engaging experience.

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3. Dosing and Titration

In a single, bite-sized Story, efficiently inform HCPs on everything they need to know about what dosing and titration would look like for their patients if they prescribed your brand, including copay information.


You could even add sample patients to your Story, showing their current, unsatisfactory treatment stacked up against your brand, highlighting how your brand could better fit their schedules and overall lives.


At the end of the Story, provide HCPs with a dosing guide.

4. Unmet Need

Does your brand address an unmet need? Maybe it targets a rare disease, patients struggling to find viable treatment options.


If so, you could create an unbranded Story to educate HCPs on the particular unmet need your brand tackles, providing eye-opening statistics before linking out to your website in the CTA.

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HCPs are busier than ever. Have reps activate them with a dynamic digital leave behind that is tailored to their needs and can be consumed quickly at their convenience.

Increase rep impact by leveraging STORYSOFT Stories as digital leave behinds. Learn more.

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