Increase Healthcare Sales Rep Impact With Personalized Digital Stories

The time healthcare sales reps get to spend with the HCPs has dramatically declined. So how can you increase healthcare sales rep impact? Consider leveraging personalized digital experiences.


Personalized digital experiences act as extensions to sales calls, enabling HCPs to spend more time with your brand long after the rep has left.

Create & publish digital Stories for sales reps to use

Increasing measurable healthcare sales rep impact starts with a Story.


Stories are personalized digital experiences delivered in an Instagram-like format and can be accessed via the rep’s CLM presentation.


Instead of starting from scratch, you can collect existing approved brand materials, weaving them together to create a brand Story that HCPs won’t be able to resist.


Add personalization and interactive elements like sliders to your Story to activate HCPs, prompting them to take more high value actions.


Finally, obtain MLR approval.


Now you’ll be all set to enable reps with your brand Story.


Extend sales calls to increase rep impact

Once you hand off your Stories to reps, it’s up to them to deliver specific Stories to the right HCPs.


At the end of a sales call, reps can choose which Story they’d like to share, determining the most relevant one based on the conversation they just had with the physician. The rep simply taps their device to generate a QR code for that Story.


The HCP scans the code to access the Story directly on their phone. The rep has effectively put branded content right on their customer's device before leaving the sales call. The HCP can engage with the Story when convenient for them.


The best part? HCP-level data is collected and transferred back to reps for use during future sales conversations.


Your healthcare brand will also be able to track Story performance, gleaning insights such as what resonated with HCPs and what didn’t, so that you can make adjustments for next time.


Think of these Stories as digital leave behinds. They’re more engaging than your average physical leave behind and they cause a welcome reduction in print costs.


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