How Your Healthcare Brand Can Leverage QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere, and for good reason. They’re convenient, easy to distribute, simple to scan, and cost-effective. You see them at restaurants instead of paper menus, on flyers in coffee shops…but what about in the life sciences industry? Your healthcare brand could leverage QR codes to share branded content with HCPs and patients, encouraging them to take more high value actions. 


Add QR codes to print materials as a bridge to digital activation. Enable reps with QR codes linking to digital experiences to share with HCPs. Include them in TV spots to meet patients where they are. You can get creative with it.

Send HCPs and patients to branded experiences

You can use QR codes to drive HCPs and patients to personalized digital experiences (Stories). 


Stories are essentially key brand messages and interactive elements wrapped up in bite-sized, social media-style packaging. They present users with next best action CTAs and have built-in analytics which capture user engagement activity.

Enable healthcare sales reps with QR codes

Given the time healthcare sales reps get to spend with HCPs has declined, the industry needs a solution to boost rep impact. 


So how can reps benefit from using QR codes, in turn benefitting your brand? By sharing them with HCPs at the end of a sales call, linking to a Story relevant to the HCP with whom they'd just had a conversation.


Think of these QR-driven Stories as engaging digital leave behinds, extending sales conversations. 

Let HCPs open up the Story at their convenience, lingering in your brand world when they so choose. Stories can include patient cases, core brand stories, dosing and titration, unmet need, etc. 

Reps could even stick QR codes on pizza boxes at lunch and learns, keeping your brand top of mind after lunch. 

The possibilities are endless.

Place QR codes into TV spots

The amount of untapped potential found in TV spots is huge. Think about how easy it would be to include a QR code in a commercial for your brand. 

Instead of a patient having to quickly take a picture of a phone number to call or jot down the brand name, they can simply scan a QR code. That QR code will instantly take them to a Story filled with the answers to their initial questions. 

If they have additional questions after experiencing your Story, or if they’re interested in learning more about your brand, a handy CTA (or a few of them) at the end of the Story can direct them to the appropriate resources.

It’s a no-brainer add-on to your TV spots, connecting with patients sitting at home or at the doctor's office.

Make a splash at conferences

Conferences are a gold mine of opportunity for your brand, several members of your target audience present and ready to be informed on what makes your brand worthwhile for their patients. 

So how can you stand out to them aside from setting up a killer booth? 


Add QR codes to posters throughout the conference, linking to Stories, the content personalizing itself to each HCP as they engage. That way, if an HCP misses your booth, they’ll still get the chance to be introduced to your brand.

It’s high time we harness the immense value and driving power of QR codes. 

HCPs and patients are one scan away from discovering all your brand has to offer.

Increase brand impact by driving HCPs and patients to Stories. Learn more.

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