How to Activate HCPs at Conferences

Conferences provide the perfect platform to showcase your business, hundreds, if not thousands, of eager HCPs at your disposal. But how can your brand stand out among the array of competing displays? Three words: personalized digital experiences. These unique experiences will activate HCPs at conferences, driving them to take more high value actions.

Activate HCPs without spending a fortune

You don’t have to break the bank to create one-off custom conference experiences. Instead, with our Story templates, you can quickly create branded conference experiences using approved brand assets, reducing overall costs.


Simply collect your approved assets, build Stories aligned to your specific conference strategies, set engagement goals, and obtain MLR approval.


Now that you've brought your healthcare brand Stories to life, it’s time to plan how you’ll display them to conference attendees.


How best to display your Stories at conferences

There are two main forms your Stories can take at conferences to effectively engage HCPs: a stand at your booth and posters.


The former is immediately engaging, tempting HCPs with an interactive experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. By running Stories on a touch-screen monitor in your booth, you can welcome them into your brand world in a way that feels larger than life.


HCPs can click through patient profiles, study designs, surveys, and so much more, activating them.

You can even gamify your digital experiences to foster some healthy competition among HCPs. HCPs will absorb key brand information while having fun!


Once HCPs finish clicking through your Story, encourage them to scan the QR code CTA to open up brand resources on their phone.


Secondly, add QR codes to posters throughout the conference, linking to the same Stories, the content personalized based on each selection an HCP makes.


Activated HCPs will then receive automated email follow-ups, keeping your brand top of mind.


And, as with all Stories, you can capture HCP engagement with STORYSOFT Analytics and continuously track performance with a real-time web dashboard.


Once you bring Stories to conferences, you’ll never look back.

Increase your healthcare brand's impact at conferences with STORYSOFT's conference experiences solution. Learn more.

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