Add TikTok-like Experiences to Your Healthcare Brand Website

Snackable content is preferred by most consumers today. Billions of people use apps like TikTok and Instagram, which rely on their brevity to wrangle hard-earned attention. Healthcare marketers can leverage the same short-form digital content to appeal to the needs of the modern HCP and patient, adding TikTok-like experiences to their healthcare brand website.


But what about compliance? 


STORYSOFT Stories empower you with all the compliance elements you need to create branded experiences that meet MLR standards.


Lucky for you, this blog is snackable too. Read on to learn how to dress up your healthcare brand website and increase high value actions with Stories.

Turn your brand website into a Story hub

Showcase all your brand has to offer by displaying a variety of Stories on your homepage or throughout your healthcare brand website. 


For your patient site, consider including enrollment Stories introduced by a nurse navigator, brand superhero Stories, and patient testimonials.  


For your HCP site, you could embed core brand Stories, patient cases, unmet need Stories, and dosing and titration Stories.


How do you embed Stories into your healthcare brand website? It’s easy. Our installation script allows you to seamlessly plug branded and unbranded Stories into your homepage (or another highly trafficked page) in an eye-catching row of tiles.


These Stories create a social media-style feed for users, modernizing your healthcare brand website.


Website visitors can click through on their preferred device, experiencing as many Stories as they’d like. As they interact with the Stories, they can choose to favorite them or share them across platforms.


The actions visitors take within the Stories generate physician- and patient-level data, informing future messaging and Story elements, perfecting your Story flow over time. 


Bonus: if you create a new Story, you can publish it to your website without a major site overhaul.

TikTok has captivated the masses. Now it’s your turn to win over HCPs and patients with snackable digital experiences.

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