Empathy in Marketing: Convert Consumers with Kindness

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/empathy-in-marketing-4.mp3 When you release a commercial, you’re marketing to the heart, not just the mind. To truly move consumers and open them up to your brand, you need to call upon empathy. Empathy in marketing has unimaginable power. It transfers the feelings of the protagonist to the consumer, getting them invested in the story’s trajectory.…

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Improve Marketing Performance with These 7 Literary Devices

It’s no secret that powerful storytelling is engaging. Our natural gravitation toward stories is a beautiful human quality. Stories tap into our fears, dreams, desires etc. But the best stories aren’t powerful by accident. Writers use tools known as literary devices to knead, sweeten, and season their work. To elevate the stories you tell and…

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Mastering Detailed Storytelling in Advertising

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/mastering-detailed-storytelling-1.mp3 Detail is a fundamental part of storytelling. It imbues stories with meaning. This goes for storytelling in advertising too. Without detail, there’s no connecting force pulling consumers in, minds and hearts opening to not just the story you tell but your brand as well.  Draw out emotions with detail Would you be more inclined…

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Creating Mirror Experiences in Marketing

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Creating-Mirror-Experiences-in-Marketing.mp3 Have you ever watched a commercial and become so invested in its main character that you felt as if you were experiencing what they were experiencing? Did you find yourself rooting for their success as if it was your own? If so, you’ve been struck by a mirror experience.  Mirror experiences in marketing compel…

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The Art of Persuasion Marketing

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/persuasion-marketing-1.mp3 Persuasion marketing cuts to your core. It targets one’s deepest, often innate desires or fears. In Storynomics, a marketing book written by Robert McKee and Thomas Gerace, they write of “touch[ing] people’s basic, unchanging instincts” to persuade them to buy your product. (Storynomics, Page 25) To successfully implement persuasion marketing techniques, you need to…

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The Building Blocks of Your Brand World

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/building-blocks-of-brand-world-1.mp3 More often than not, a story contains multiple stories, like a nesting doll made out of words. Your brand world is built the same way, but instead of stories within stories, you’re looking at worlds within worlds. A note on brand worldbuilding This is the act of creating a branded world for your customers…

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Immersive Brand Worldbuilding

https://storysoft.io/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/immersive-brand-worldbuilding-1.mp3 Let’s pretend storytelling is a tree for a second. Worldbuilding is one of its most vital roots; without it, the tree would fall. And it isn’t just reserved for fictional pursuits, marketers can leverage brand worldbuilding, too, becoming creative architects.  What is worldbuilding? Worldbuilding is as it sounds. It’s the process of creating a…

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STORYSOFT’S UX Laws Guide for Digital Storytelling

Senior UX designer Jon Yablonski compiled a list of UX laws built on the basis of psychology and the trends seen in how humans perceive various aspects of design. In this guide, we’ll define and discuss the same UX laws through the lens of digital storytelling.  By putting the UX laws into practice in your…

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3 Marketing Resolutions to Add to Your 2023 List

Whether you’re the type to thoughtfully take to your journal on December 31st or scoff at personal resolutions, it’s still a smart idea to look ahead when it comes to your marketing job. You are meant to grow along with your company and put your best foot forward. Here are some marketing resolutions to propel…

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