3 Marketing Resolutions to Add to Your 2023 List

Whether you're the type to thoughtfully take to your journal on December 31st or scoff at personal resolutions, it's still a smart idea to look ahead when it comes to your marketing job. You are meant to grow along with your company and put your best foot forward. Here are some marketing resolutions to propel you into 2023:

1. Be a storyteller

Storytelling is a critical aspect of effective marketing. It doesn't matter if you're selling migraine medication or sneakers; tell a story.

Stories sell because they reach our humanity.

I could explain the flavor of a hot sauce and the peppers contributing to its depth, or I could tell you about the family who came up with the flavor combination, how the recipe was passed down through generations. Both are interesting, but the latter serves to paint a whole picture and tug at our heartstrings.

Storytelling breathes life into facts and figures, so that one is presented with key information in a unique and compelling way.

There's also a fascinating science behind storytelling, our brains lighting up as a narrative delicately unfolds.

To become a better storyteller, open a book. It's as simple as that. Study the narrative devices that hook you and stow them away in your own storytelling toolbox.

Not a big reader? Listen to an audio book, put on a TV show, or play a videogame rooted in storytelling. There are plenty of ways to learn. Stories are right under your nose.

2. Lead with empathy

A list of marketing resolutions wouldn't be complete without empathy.

Empathy should be the foundation of your marketing strategy. You're selling to people, after all. Treat them as such.

To market with empathy is to market to yourself. What I mean by that is that you should step into the shoes of your customers to ensure satisfaction. Which group is your target audience and what are the things they value? Prove that you value those things too.

Cultivating empathy is one of the best modes of connecting more deeply with your customers.

No one wants to feel like they're being targeted by a sales robot. Make it personal.

3. Improve user experience

To provide customers with the smoothest possible experience, take into consideration their expectations, limitations, and so on when it comes to perceiving various aspects of design, listed in Jon Yablonski's Laws of UX.

For example, if designing in accordance with the Doherty Threshold, responses to any actions customers take, say, on a website, should be almost immediate. You'll lose a customer's attention if they're forced to wait for over 400 milliseconds.

Design to please the user. You don't want a simple design flaw to turn a potential customer away from your business.

Which of these marketing resolutions will you check off next year? Have any to add? Leave a comment below.

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