Seasonal Nostalgia Marketing

When December rides in on its merry sleigh, seasonal nostalgia marketing is just the thing to captivate consumers. Welcome the Ghost of Christmas Past to centerstage, with it a flurry of nostalgia. Here are some ways you can incorporate nostalgia into your ads this holiday season: Rekindle youth For many of us, the holiday season…

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The Perfect Recipe for Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is upon us. As the nights get longer and the days get colder, we find solace in our loved ones, perhaps by a fire. Holiday marketing should fill customers with that same warmth. If your holiday ad doesn’t leave a customer either smiling or in tears of joy, it’s not doing its…

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STORYSOFT’s ABT Framework Guide

There is no one way to go about telling a story. Some begin in medias res, while others start from the ground up, before the action has loudly announced its presence and trampled over a book’s pages or hurtled off a storyteller’s tongue. Stories can be short or long, prose or verse, simple or complex.…

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How to Write a Strong Hook for Your Ads

In a recent survey, it was found that there are two billion active users on Instagram. Two billion! That statistic is staggering, and it captured your attention, didn’t it? Every powerful story begins with a strong hook; ads are no exception.   How can you expect to reel in customers if you don’t hook them…

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The Science Behind Storytelling: When You Give a Brain a Story

We all consume stories on a daily basis, whether that be a friend’s account of their weekend, a popular TV show, or a harrowing report on the news. Storytelling is so deeply ingrained in us that you might not think twice about your body’s reaction to it. The science behind storytelling explains those reactions. It…

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Standing Out Online as a Brand on Social Media

Standing out online is a challenge for brand marketers that gets increasingly difficult every day. With so many paths to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to spend your time as marketers’ attention is split between more and more platforms.   A recent study from the eMarketer Pro database shared some interesting…

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