Creating Scalable Marketing Content

Balancing the demands of different target markets can be tricky. Make the most of your resources by creating scalable marketing content through storytelling.


Marketing personalization is becoming increasingly necessary to succeed in the digital marketing world. Personalized recommendations can provide immense value for consumers, but present many challenges for marketers. While a standalone algorithm and a "You Might Also Like" could be the minimum, the best way to maximize efforts is to create scalable marketing content through storytelling.


Problems in Creation & Analysis

With targeting getting more and more specific, 65% of marketers are feeling overwhelmed with the need to create additional content for these purposes. As an example, think of Instagram or Facebook Stories. For some purposes, they're a good tool. However, the unique shape and movement patterns don't lend that content to be easily upcycled across platforms. Why spend so much time on content that receives little engagement, provides. minimal data, and disappears in 24 hours?

Scalable Marketing Content

Not only is additional human capital needed to generate content, but teams also need bandwidth to analyze massive amounts of data. Unfortunately, having a surplus of data is a major concern for 31% of marketers. As the data shows, many industry professionals aren't confident in this area, especially as platforms and metrics are constantly changing. Having relevant, actionable, and hyper-personalized data can make a major difference in the success of marketing campaigns.


The Storytelling Solution

Storytelling is a great way to create scalable marketing content. Rather than worrying about fine-tuning a million variations of campaigns, try sharing your brand story. The best way to make connections with other people is through stories, and your consumers are no exception. Humans naturally invest in stories. We love to follow along character journeys as they conquer their challenges and relate to raw, human emotion. Sound familiar? This is Marketing 101 in a new form.


You can still share multiple perspectives that will align with various target audiences, but each one can compliment the next. By using storytelling in your marketing efforts, scalable content can be in reach. It eliminates the need to create massive amounts of new content and allows for scalable personal connection.


How Can I Get Started?

STORYSOFT is a storytelling marketing platform that can help you accomplish scalable marketing content. As a platform designed for marketers, it addresses all of the pain points listed above (and many more!).


Creating stories is easy and intuitive with the in-platform builder. With tools to keep your content in line with your brand, the platform helps alleviate some of the stress marketers are feeling about creating more content.


Also notable is that the platform also has thorough yet easy-to-digest data analytics reports available for every story that helps marketers take away the guesswork. STORYSOFT eliminates the need for extensive data analysis skills- it does it for you!


One of the most unique features of STORYSOFT is that each story is hosted on a different URL that lives forever and can be shared anywhere. No more putting in hours of effort into something that will result in a few conversions and only be live for 24 hours-STORYSOFT can meet your audience wherever they are.


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