Storytelling in Sales: A Seller’s Best Skill

"This product changed my life."


"I couldn't have done it without this product."


"I can accomplish more with this product."


How often do you hear these types of statements in advertisements and marketing campaigns? These statements are common themes in product stories that bring their impacts to life. By selling products through storytelling, your audience can see how your product or service has benefited others and see themselves within the story.


Marketing through storytelling is incredibly effective. It has been proven that great stories cause chemical reactions in the brain, flooding humans with a rush of emotions. These reactions allow marketers and salespeople to capitalize on the pureness of our feelings, especially when we feel most connected.


The chemical reactions generated through stories help us relate to a story's protagonist. The simplicity in raw human emotion ropes us into stories, capturing our attention and our hearts. Interestingly, this level of personalization is important because 49 percent of shoppers made impulse buys after receiving a personalized recommendation. Without the need for granular data, marketers and salespeople can use the power of storytelling to make scalable content that can touch anyone.


Furthermore, it's no secret that empathy is one of the most necessary qualities of a successful salesperson or marketer. Storytelling is a skill that relates closely to empathy, as storytelling in sales is all about using anecdotes to make the most of your audience's emotions.


Storytelling in sales is extremely effective. While you may be familiar with this strategy already, it is important to get creative with your storytelling. Every brand and every product has a story to tell- so get started!



STORYSOFT is a platform that helps marketers tell stories that break through the clutter, emotionally engage audiences, and increase conversions.


STORYSOFT stories allow marketers to:

  • Create stories once, and reach audiences on any marketing channel
  • Amortize their investment of time, money, and energy over time because STORYSOFT stories live forever online
  • Add content without restriction
  • Build stories easily using desktop or mobile devices with our Story Builder
  • Personalize stories based on target audience personas
  • Collect first party data and seamlessly export it back to your CRM
  • Easily access integrated analytics without having to plug in third party reporting tools


We make brand storytelling simple, flexible, and insightful for marketers.


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