How To Tell A Great Story for Your Brand

Invoking Emotion Through Storytelling


It's no secret that the world is changing dramatically. With COVID-19, the way we interact with brands and advertisements is changing, and audiences are swamped with digital ads. Learning how to tell a great story for yourself and your brand will help you and your company stand out among the crowd.


Why is this important? The average American adult spends 12 hours per day on digital media, and with the world working from home, this number is only increasing. Breaking through the noise with messages that stand out is key.


The answer: tell a great story. Every company has one. Use it to create an emotional connection with your audience!

How to Tell Your Brand's Story

How to Tell a Great StoryWhat makes your company special? Learning how to tell a great story begins with answering this question. Your answer should create alignment with your brand and your customers. The goal should be a real, emotional connection through storytelling, ultimately resonating with your target audience.


Swap the history lesson for connection through a great story because, ultimately, emotions get shared. A story isn't just your company's history. It's why you're doing what you're doing. Tell us!


A creative way to start learning how to tell a great story is to keep your brand's buyer persona in mind. What would they want to hear? Play around with the point of view of your story and illustrate how the character overcomes a challenge similar to your buyer's journey. A great story should invoke emotion in the audience, so start by looking through their perspective.


Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Invest in learning how to tell a great story now. Not only will it help you stand out as a marketer, but it will help your brand achieve its goals, too. Humans are highly receptive to stories and they have been proven to be highly impactful on both individual and large-scale levels.


If you're not sure where to start, there are plenty of places to gain inspiration on types of stories to share. Tools like STORYSOFT are also available to help your brand tell a great story and make an impact in your market.


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