Reimagine the Patient Registration Experience

“Fun” and “registration forms” aren’t usually found in the same sentence. They are practically antonyms…or they were. It’s time to reimagine the patient registration experience, making it more enjoyable for targeted patients, thereby increasing signups. 

How can you give your patient program registration form the facelift it so desperately needs? By reshaping it into an engaging, Instagram-style digital experience.

The appeal of digital experiences

Mobile-first digital experiences are easy to access and click through, making completion convenient for patients.

Convenience is highly valued by consumers today. Think about our obsession with snackable content on social media. Short, sweet, and easy to digest. Consumers don't want to put in any extra work, they want brands to do that for them.

All things digital are inherently convenient. That aspect of registration forms is not novel any longer, the experience part is.

An experience involves more than typing out your information into a drab, one-note online form, it involves movement, interactivity, color, sound, etc. 

In a word, it’s dynamic.


Getting patients invested in your registration experience

Rather than losing patients by diving into the form right away, start with a video or voiceover (VO). For example, your first page could introduce a nurse navigator who welcomes patients into the registration experience through an encouraging VO. 

That type of beginning feels more personal, a patient glimpsing the nurse navigator they could be in touch with if they complete the registration form. More than that, it offers motivation.

Once convinced by the first page to sign up, they can breeze through the typical questions until they reach the end.

Speaking of, when they finish filling out the form, you can provide a QR code for them to easily scan to add the nurse navigator's contact information into their phone. Or if they're already on mobile, they can click to have it added from there.

Again, it's all about convenience.

How can registration be fun?

Getting someone to fill out a form can be like pulling teeth. It’s not that it’s difficult, but it’s tedious. Who has the patience for tedium today? 

Something like a nurse navigator VO might be enough to get some patients invested, but others will need other unique elements to keep them going.

The smallest details can go a long way when it comes to capturing and, most importantly, holding the attention of patients.


Add eye-catching colors to your digital experience, making simple text boxes pop. Include progress bars so patients know they’re nearing the end of the form. You can even spice up your digital experience by incorporating an optional music feature.

For music lovers, adding a “tap to hear music” button would be a game changer. Keep it instrumental and upbeat to enhance the experience, not muddle it with auditory distractions. 

We’re living in the age of digital innovation. Increase patient CRM signups by stepping outside of the box, providing patients with a fun registration experience they won't give up on halfway through. 

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