Using Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Your B2B targets are as human as your B2C targets. Make an emotional connection!


Storytelling has many benefits as a B2B marketing strategy, but they’re usually discussed in terms of B2C marketing. However, storytelling can be just as powerful for a B2B audience.


People have an innate love for narratives and human connection. Stories allow us to immerse ourselves in an experience and see ourselves in the image, too. The emotional connection stories create makes us more inclined to make a favorable decision in alignment with a company’s call to action. The effectiveness of storytelling marketing has led to the tactic growing in popularity in the B2C space, and it’s time for B2B marketing to catch up.


The Benefits of Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Further, the benefits of storytelling marketing align closely with B2B marketing standards. For example, B2B sales typically take longer than B2B sales. Whereas a customer can make a quick decision on whether or not to buy, B2B sales are often bigger, have many decision-makers involved, and aren’t as cookie-cutter as B2C sales.

Storytelling can add a new, human dimension to B2B marketing. Language focusing on features and benefits is outdated and lacks the emotional connection that pushes people to make a purchase. Instead, B2B marketing should reevaluate their B2B customer journeys and adjust their strategies to include stories.


Whether it's B2B or B2C, the goal of any marketer's campaign is to make a connection that leads to a sale. With the state of the world in 2020, emotional reasoning is taking the forefront of our decisions. B2B marketing needs to connect on an emotional level with the boardroom, and storytelling can do that. Allowing business decision-makers to follow along a story will help them justify their purchases both rationally and emotionally, leading to more success for you as a marketer.


How Can I Get Started?

Every brand has a story. While the switching up content may seem daunting, remember that you don't need to be a world-class novelist to get your message across. You've been absorbing and creating stories your whole life. Now, tell one for you brand!


As a marketer, you know your company, and you know what makes it unique. You also know all about your customers. Using stories in your B2B marketing strategy can help bridge that gap with an emotional connection that is ultimately more powerful than the standard B2B jargon.


There are many tools available to help you get started. Storytelling should be simple, scalable, and insightful. STORYSOFT is a tool made for marketers that can help you do just that. With built-in analytics and tools to create your story, STORYSOFT can help you tell stories that stand out and create that important emotional connection with your audience.


STORYSOFT stories allow marketers to:

  • Create stories once, and reach audiences on any marketing channel
  • Amortize their investment of time, money, and energy over time because STORYSOFT stories live forever online
  • Add content without restriction
  • Build stories easily using desktop or mobile devices with our Story Builder
  • Personalize stories based on target audience personas
  • Collect first party data and seamlessly export it back to your CRM
  • Easily access integrated analytics without having to plug in third party reporting tools


We make brand storytelling simple, flexible, and insightful for marketers.


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