How to Use Brand Storytelling to Break Through: The Ultimate Guide

Infusing brand storytelling into your marketing strategy will help your brand stand out, take you to the next level, and leave your competition scrambling to figure out what the heck…

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Creating Universal Mirror Experiences in Marketing: Vrbo Speaks to You

Commercials should not be opaque or distant to their audience, they should be reflective and connective. Companies creating mirror experiences are doing more than cultivating empathy, they’re also prompting recognition.…

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Creating Mirror Experiences in Marketing

Have you ever watched a commercial and become so invested in its main character that you felt as if you were experiencing what they were experiencing? Did you find yourself…

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Pharmaceutical Brand Worldbuilding

As a pharmaceutical marketer, instilling trust in HCPs and patients is vital. Trust in a pharma brand’s data and claims opens the door to increased engagement. One method other industries…

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The Art of Persuasion Marketing

Persuasion marketing cuts to your core. It targets one’s deepest, often innate desires or fears. In Storynomics, a marketing book written by Robert McKee and Thomas Gerace, they write of…

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2023’s Super Bowl Commercials Leverage Celebrity and Nostalgia

Super Bowl Sunday is for two types of people: the ones there for football and the ones there for the halftime show and commercials. Residing in the latter camp, I…

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Dexcom’s 2023 Super Bowl Ad: Normalizing Medical Devices

The Super Bowl brought us its usual abundance of star-studded commercials on Sunday, Dexcom standing out with an ad for its new continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, featuring pop sensation…

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Conversational Marketing: Meet Customers at a Human Level

The personalization of marketing has become a priority across industries, and with good reason. McKinsey’s Next in Personalization Report revealed that 71% of consumers expect personalization. To expect personalization is…

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The Building Blocks of Your Brand World

More often than not, a story contains multiple stories, like a nesting doll made out of words. Your brand world is built the same way, but instead of stories within…

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Immersive Brand Worldbuilding

Let’s pretend storytelling is a tree for a second. Worldbuilding is one of its most vital roots; without it, the tree would fall. And it isn’t just reserved for fictional…

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