How to Use Brand Storytelling to Break Through: The Ultimate Guide

Infusing brand storytelling into your marketing strategy will help your brand stand out, take you to the next level, and leave your competition scrambling to figure out what the heck…

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Increase Healthcare Sales Rep Impact With Personalized Digital Stories

The time healthcare sales reps get to spend with the HCPs has dramatically declined. So how can you increase healthcare sales rep impact? Consider leveraging personalized digital experiences.   Personalized…

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4 Digital Leave Behind Ideas for Healthcare Sales Reps

If you’re searching for a way to push digital innovation and boost healthcare sales rep impact, leverage Stories as digital leave behinds.   Stories are personalized digital experiences containing core…

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How to Activate HCPs at Conferences

Conferences provide the perfect platform to showcase your business, hundreds, if not thousands, of eager HCPs at your disposal. But how can your brand stand out among the array of…

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High value actions

Get HCPs and Patients to Take High Value Actions on Your Site

When so much capital is put toward driving traffic to, making an immediate and measurable impact is critical. To generate high value actions, your website has to stand out.   …

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Hook Your Audience: Marketing Tips Inspired by British Airways

Can I tell you a secret? If your marketing content doesn’t hook your audience immediately, you’ve lost.   Maybe that’s not so secret, but I’ve got your attention now, haven’t…

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The Power of Storytelling in Pharma Marketing

If you want to see an increase in prescribers and patients on therapy, take your brand messages and plant them into a meaningful story. Storytelling in pharma is natural because…

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Make Your Brand Shine: Defining Brand Auras

The number of brands striving to make an impression on the digital world and its avid consumers is staggering. We are swarmed by ads daily, many promoting similar products. When…

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4 Examples of Modern Advertising That Live Outside the Box

Sticking to the status quo won’t win you any points with consumers. People want to be surprised, delighted, even, by your spin on modern advertising.   Think outside the box.…

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Increase Patient Engagement by Telling a Hero vs. Villain Story

If you want to increase patient engagement in a fresh, creative way that stands out, tell a story. One type of story that naturally complements pharma brands is “the hero…

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