A Marketer’s Secret: Emotional Marketing

It's simple: emotional marketing performs best. As the name suggests, emotional marketing involves calling on your audiences' emotions to get them to act. Whether that action is buying, calling, or sharing, emotional appeal pushes people to take the extra step in the process.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but mastering emotional marketing is one of the most valuable skills a marketer can have. Campaigns driven by emotion have proven to perform twice as well as those that are purely rational.


Think of advertisements that have touched you the most. Does the ASPCA come to mind, with sad puppy eyes and "In the Arms of an Angel?" Or Google's 2020 Super Bowl Commercial, with an elderly man using his Google Home to help him remember his late wife? All of these examples bring clear images to your mind because of the power of emotional marketing.


It's important for marketers to harness is power because the average American adult is exposed to 6,000-10,000 ads every day. Emotional marketing, particularly through storytelling, is how you can make yours stand out!


Emotional Marketing through Storytelling

Emotional Marketing
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We humans love stories. We love relating to characters, following them along their happy, sad, angry, and joyful moments. As innately social creatures, we crave connections with others. Marketers can use the power of storytelling to get their audiences to take their desired action by incorporating emotional storytelling into their strategy.


Emotional marketing also makes audiences want to share your content. Naturally, when we see something that we connect with, we want to share that with others, too. Haven't you seen something so cute, so sad, or so amazing that you just had to share it with your friend? Creating content that makes your user feel real emotion makes them much more likely to share your message and spread awareness of your brand.


Whether your goal is awareness, acquisition, sales, retention, or anything in between, emotional marketing through storytelling can help you achieve it. Getting your audience wrapped up in your brand's story can work wonders, so give it a try!


STORYSOFT is a platform that helps marketers tell stories that break through the clutter, emotionally engage audiences, and increase conversions.


STORYSOFT stories allow marketers to:


  • Create stories once, and reach audiences on any marketing channel
  • Amortize their investment of time, money, and energy over time because STORYSOFT stories live forever online
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  • Build stories easily using desktop or mobile devices with our Story Builder
  • Personalize stories based on target audience personas
  • Collect first party data and seamlessly export it back to your CRM
  • Easily access integrated analytics without having to plug in third party reporting tools


We make brand storytelling simple, flexible, and insightful for marketers.


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