Emotional Marketing in 2020

2020 has been a mess, and we're barely halfway through. Marketing in 2020 asks marketers to change their strategy to reflect the crazy, emotional world. What is your brand doing to a make a connection with your audience?


Right now, marketers around the world have their eyes locked on the future. "Oh, after COVID-19, messages are going to need to change drastically. Consumers will never be the same."


Well, yes, that's true to an extent. Marketers are expecting emotional marketing to be more effective than ever in 2020's wake. With wildfires, COVID-19, reaching the boiling point of racial injustice, and even murder hornets, our emotions are heightened and we are more receptive to emotional appeals than ever.


What is your brand doing NOW to make a connection that accommodates your audiences' discomfort, aside from the boilerplate "We Love Our Employees"?


Every brand has a story to tell. Marketing in 2020 requires marketers to look past numbers and metrics and into the humanness of their audience and brand. How did your company begin? Was it always smooth sailing? Have customers have any success stories with your product/service? These are just a few ideas of stories that any brand could share.


And, of course, what has your company been doing in the last few months to care for its employees, customers, and the greater good? Hopefully, you have an impressive story to share.


How Will Storytelling Help?

Storytelling resonates with audiences on a much deeper level than most traditional marketing efforts. Humans naturally love to make connections with others, and sharing messages through stories lets us immerse ourselves in the message. Sharing marketing messages can help create empathy, capture attention, and compel action.


In a quarantined world where life consists of bouncing from screen to screen, it's more important than ever to make your digital content stand out. STORYSOFT, a digital storytelling platform, can help you accomplish this. Built with marketers in mind, STORYSOFT allows you to create a multi-part story on the platform's builder, share the story easily with a URL, and track data insights with ease. Give it a try to tell your brand story!

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