Why Use a Digital Storytelling Platform?

Your marketing content is falling flat.


You know it.


Your team knows it.


Your audience feels it.


The good news is that it’s not your fault.


The one-dimensional content that worked for brands a few years ago is actually hurting them today.


With tools like social media and mobile, reach has been commoditized.


But just because it’s easy to reach customers with your content, doesn’t mean they continue to pay attention.


Content marketing, before everyone was doing it, allowed marketers to simply focus on the “what” - What my product is. What features it offers.


That’s not good enough anymore.


Consumers are tuning out brands who don’t create authentic content that has an emotional hook.


In an age of distraction, and unlimited consumer choice, brands must create content that focuses on the “hows” and the “whys." How my product makes you feel when using it. Why Sally loves it.


The answer to your content problem is storytelling.


Why Storytelling?

Great stories trigger a cascade of emotional effects within an audience that ordinary content simply can’t match.


Great stories get people to love your brand, feel for your brand, cry for your brand, and buy your brand.


If you want your brand to stay ahead of the curve, breakthrough the clutter and capture attention, you have to replace bland content marketing with the power of storytelling.

As a team of marketers and technologists, we struggled with the same content marketing problem.


In realizing that storytelling is the solution, and the next big thing in marketing, we made it our mission to help brands tell breakthrough stories.


But we quickly hit a roadblock.


We found out that a single story had to be told ten different ways in order to fit the restrictions of each platform we wanted to use to get the story in front of our audience.


A keyword filled diatribe for the blog.


280 characters or less for Twitter.


In images for Instagram.


Oh, and once you spend all that time creating stories using social media, most disappear after 24 hours!


We needed to find a way to create stories once, share them through every channel, and allow them to live forever online.


So, we created STORYSOFT.


What Is a Digital Storytelling Platform?

A digital storytelling platform combines a proven storytelling framework, integrated marketing technology, and actionable analytics to enable marketers to tell breakthrough brand stories.


Digital stories told on the STORYSOFT platform help brands capture audience attention, create emotional bonds with consumers, and compel those consumers to take desired actions.

STORYSOFT stories are digital experiences.


Close your eyes and think about a children's book that engages you with interactive popups as you flip the pages.


Now think about pulling that book format into the digital world.


STORYSOFT stories are those interactive books that you can use to tell a story about your brand, product, or service.


Stories are set up as a linear narrative, so consumers swipe right to left to navigate.


Every action your audience takes as they navigate from page to page is captured by our built-in analytics.


Reports are formatted for that linear experience, making it easy for you to view how consumers are funneling through the story, what actions they are taking, and even where they are dropping off.


These insights allow you to quickly make informed decisions about how to optimize your story and your messaging.


We made it super easy to get started.


Step 1

Stop creating ordinary content.


Step 2

Start telling extraordinary stories with STORYSOFT.


The STORYSOFT digital storytelling platform can be used by any brand that has a story to tell.


And one thing we know is, every brand has a story.


What’s yours?


Learn more about how you can tell breakthrough brand stories using the STORYSOFT digital storytelling platform.

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