Use Snackable Content to Engage Consumers

With the rise of social media and the decline in attention span, people are accustomed to consuming snackable content, whether that be a 15-second TikTok or an Instagram story. Why not extend that to all marketing, creating those same experiences for consumers outside of social media?


We’re all consumers. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. 


What would capture and hold your attention: lengthy blocks of impersonal text promoting a product/service or a cohesive string of concise messages that tell a unique brand story through videos, audio, and interactive features?


You’d choose the latter without question, and so would your customer.

Snackable content offers a bevy of benefits to brands trying to hook and reel in modern consumers, from its appealing brevity to its automated personalization.


For example, you could create a short and sweet digital experience promoting your product/service tailored toward a specific customer.


Say someone is acne prone and desperate for clear skin, and your product tackles that particular problem. You can address that person by name, ask a handful of questions determining their preferences, and position your product, perhaps an acne-fighting scrub, as the hero of your digital experience.


You can acquire that person as a new customer by showing them you know (and have) what they need—and doing it quickly.

That potential consumer can easily digest your persuasive bite of snackable content while stepping away from their work to grab a drink of water or before they go to bed at night.


It is all on their own time. 


It’s like a micro-lesson on your product/service, educating consumers just enough to captivate them but not so much that you bore them into closing out of the experience early.


Aside from being effortless and efficient, snackable content immerses consumers by eliciting empathy and implementing interactivity.


What’s more immersive than inviting a customer to interact with your digital experience? They can use sliders to reveal more in-depth information, answer questions, or press play to start an audio recording of a satisfied customer.


They are included in the flow of the digital experience without the burden of having to do any actual research. 


Additionally, if a customer watches or listens to a clip of someone’s life greatly improving because of your product/service, their empathy will kick in. This further immerses them in your brand’s world and creates a more memorable experience.

No one talks about a bland advertisement devoid of any human connection. People talk about the clip of a child playing at the beach, protected by a non-toxic sunscreen, or the video of a loving family adopting a dog from a shelter.


Empathy is everything.


At the end of your digital experience, you can add a call-to-action to drive behavior. At this point, a consumer can learn more, if interested. They might even follow a link to buy your product/service.


If they're not convinced, you’ll know through the data you’ve collected with each click, able to tweak your digital experience as needed.


Snackable content is effective because consumers want to find products/services they need without putting in the work.


Quick to create and even quicker to consume. Save their time and yours.


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